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We are a small breeding facility located in southeast Florida.  We are very dedicated to the health and   well being of our birds.  All of our pairs have been tested for polyoma virus, chlamydiosis, and psittacine beak and feather disease before being added to our flock.  Our birds are fed a balanced diet that consist of zupreem pellets,  roudybush pellets, vita seed, fresh sprouts, progrow bird bread, fresh veggies and fruit.  All of our baby birds are close banded.  We would like to thank you for visiting  our new web site.  Please check back often  some of the pages are still in the works.  We do ship as long as the weather permits. 





Species currently bred here: cockatiels, peachface lovebirds, masked lovebirds, pacific parrotlets, quakers including blue and lutino, peachfront conures, greencheeked conures including the american dilute mutation, maroon belly conures, blue crown conures, senegals, african grey congos, goffin cockatoos, and lesser sulphur crested cockatoos. 



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